We have students from:
Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Kenya, Nepal, Cuba, Tanzania, Sudan, Liberia, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Cameroon and the Congo.
Cultural Diversity
Rutherford is a true melting pot of the world's cultures. Our students don't just attend classes with children from around the world but we all participate and celebrate in this diversity. All students are included and there is a daily respect and appreciation throughout our population of students and staff for all cultures. Everyday is a learning experience that brings with it new ideas and new understandings that teach students to accept themselves and others for who they are. A large portion of our cultural diversity comes from the continent of Asia. Every year, Rutherford has a school-wide celebration of the Asian New Year. It is always great fun! Students of all races, ethnicity, backgrounds, and cultural differences participate and learn many traditions and aspects of Asian culture. Celebrations and activities for African American, Hispanic, and other cultures can be found throughout the year as well.
collage of children