Uniform Policy
Parents will be notified to bring a change of clothes to school if any of this policy is violated.
• Solid Polo Shirts, Oxford Blouses or Shirts and Turtleneck Shirts
• Colors: White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Red (Solid colors only)
All shirts must have a shirt collar and must be tucked into the pants, shorts, or skirts.
Sweaters/Sweat Shirts
• Colors: White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Red (Solid colors only)
• Sweaters and sweatshirts are allowed to be word during the school day.
• School Uniform style
• Colors: Navy Blue or Khaki
Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be no more than 3 inches above the knee.
Pants must be worn at the waist and with a belt.
• Front and back of the feet must be completely enclosed. (No sandals, flip flops, platform shoes, light up shoes, or skate-type athletic shoes)
• Solid Colors: White, Navy Blue, Tan
• Black, Brown, or Khaki belts must be worn at all times if pants have belt loops.
• Post ear rings and watches are allowed.
• No long or dark trench coats allowed.
• No coats, jackets, or windbreakers are allowed to be worn during school in the hall or classrooms.
• No hooded sweat shirts are allowed.
Not Allowed
Capri pants, sweat pants, painter/carpenter pants, bell bottom pants, corduroy pants, denim/jeans or overalls
Not Allowed
Body glitter, stickers, tattoos, hanging ear rings, long necklaces, hair ornaments, or anything that would distract students from learning
If you are in need of uniform assistance:
contact the Family Resource Center at 485-3879 to schedule an appointment with the PTA Clothes Closet.